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Crayon Shin Chan
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Hey everybody,

I have several original soft mod xboxes with xbmc up for sale. They will have a 250gb hard drive to replace the tiny 8gb hard drive. These will play backup games, upconvert dvd's (720p, 1080i), and more.

I'm trying to sell them on FEEbay, but FEEbay and FEEpal take up a huge chunk of the selling price and I am having problems with non-paying buyers.

Here's the listing on ebay with many more pics - I know how everyone always complains about a thread being worthless without pics...|66:2|65:12|39:1|240:1318

I'm asking $240 on ebay, but that's to make up for the fees they charge.

For EXD members only, I'm asking $190 + shipping or PM me with a better offer.
If you want to pay with paypal, then please add 6 dollars for their fees (0.30 + 0.029% per transaction)
To help you calculate shipping, I'm @ 30096 and the package weighs about 13lbs.

So to sum it up, you will get the following:
xbox with xbmc and a huge hard drive
freeware games and some other stuff
2 controllers
DVD remote
av cable
power cable

and a lot of fun...

IF you already have an xbox and you want to get it modified, PM me and I can help you.

If you really like xboxes - you could buy this and install it in your car...
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