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SOLD! FS: Mookeh Coilovers BRAND NEW

I HATE to do this, but you all know how things are. You buy something nice, and before you can install it, something important comes up and you need money fast! :( :( :(
Brand new Mookeh(or Quest.....whatever) full coilovers. Made for the Tib, but can fit the Elantra if you buy the front Tib strut mounts($80 bucks from Jay) or you can do the washer trick that a couple people have done. Do a search for that one.
I bought these in the group buy for $550(about half price of regular price :eek: )so I'm asking for what I spent on them. First person to reply here gets them. I only accept money orders though. Ask around, I won't screw you over. I will ship out as soon as I get the m/o and email you the tracking number that day.
Thanks :(


These are sold! yay me :D Thanks to the buyer :bowdown:
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