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FS: Rota Slipstreams Rims

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I have three 15 inch Flat Black Rota Slipstreams with the 4x114.3 with 40mm outset bolt pattern they weigh 13lbs each. Great for if you want to stay near stock rim size and basically the lightest rims for this car for a good price if you are looking to put these on a car other a 2001-2006 elantra its up to you to see if the bolt pattern will mate up. I recommend 205/55/15 tires if you want extra patch on the ground. They were used for about 15k miles, in good condition. You will be responsible for getting the fourth rim to finish the set. I can post pics if you want. These will include the center caps. These will not include the hub centric rings and you are responsible for getting those. I bought these for 125 a piece shipped and currently I see them listed 117.5 shipped from the same site. I am selling them separately for $50 a piece or $150 (43% of the current retail price) for all three not including shipping.

Website I got them from:

Shipping: Until I get an offer and it is nearly finalized then we can work out a shipping quote from there.

Price: $150 for all three with center caps not including shipping. Final.
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sup man, still have the elantra or moved on? gl on the sale
No Elantra, I drive a Subaru Legacy now.

And to Pete you can always paint them since I guess that would be your only option if they do not come from the manufactorer that color.

Here's another example of the going price for a set of these Rota's: 400+120shipping=520, my sale would mean you use 150+117.5 + shipping = 267.5 + shipping (3 packages about 13-14 lbs each)
Well I can try to give an estimate with Fedex.

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Assuming you want all three (and not just one for a spare)
A quick Fedex quote for shipping from me (06512) to you (92223) 3 packages that total about 42lbs (i think with the box they weigh 14-15lbs each) the estimate is $63.87 (4 business day home delivery). So it brings your total to about $214 for 3 rims shipped (according to the estimate but final shipping cost may vary if we add things like insurance etc.), keep in mind you need a 4th rim and its center cap, 4 hub centric rings and a set of tuner lugs. Also no tires/stems included.
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