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getting 04 taillight tommarow! ***VERDICT IS IN!!!!

ups says that tommarow my 04 taillight will be delivered!
this means we will finally have a real answer to the question!
"will the o4 taillight fit the 01-03"

i need no comments on if it will work or not
keep ur comments to yourself please!

it is very obvious that there are differeneces between the lights
but that does not mean they wont fit
and it does not mean that they wont look right either!

will see tommarow!

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Re: getting 04 taillight tommorow! HERES THE ANSWER

no no no

there is problems all over the board!

first of all when i was disconecting the old wirring harness i notices the new harness has more wires for the extra light that is in the 04 tail
that wasnt the biggest deal

next, none of the holes match at all! except for 1 bolt hole!

with that in mind it still looked like if i cut off the 2 things in the back of the 04 light and drill new bolt holes it will still work!

so i busted out the dremel and trimmed off the 2 unecessary pieces from the 04 taillight so i could get a more flush look

trimmed everything up and sat the light fairly flush in the hole...

it is a perfect fit on the bottom and on the side all the way up to the trunk all is perfect!

the problem is closing the trunk lid!
the 04 taillight has a slope torwards the top that flairs out and the trunk lid hits it!

ill tell you, the light looked damn good sitting there
maybe some duct tape and zip ties and we would have been in business!
well the 2004 taillight is now for sale its the passanger side light!
im gonna leave it up for 2 weeks
if noone wants it, im gonna play mad scientist and carefully rip it apart and try molding the lense and everything into an 01-03 light!

im asking 50 dollars shipped for the light!
its an original hyundai part
and comes in the box that says it all!

1 thing....there are 2 pieces missing off the back of the light!
they dont affect mounting, cause all 3 bolts are still attached!

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pics wont help anything!

the light wont even sit close to flush in the opening!
it will just be a pic of it barely sitting in there!

if i drill out for the other 2 holes.....which i wont do cause i know it wont fit....then u would get a better pic!

but just take my word for it! it wont fit!
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