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GI: Compact Divisions Stage 2 IM Beta2

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EDIT: This is no longer for sale.

JUST IN CASE I am seeing if there is any interest for this. I don't want to sell it, but will probably need to shortly.

Brand new
Compact Divisions Items

Stage 2 port & polish - $345
Powdercoating - $55
Phenolic Spacer - $55
Had to buy an IM to have sent to him - $125

All in all, this cost me $580

Asking price: $550 shipped

I want to see if anyone on here is willing to make me a decent offer. In order to be decent, it will need to be around what I paid for it, as I spent OVER A YEAR WAITING FOR THESE ITEMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So if you ever wanted one, you will WAIT if you go through CD......or, maybe I will look at selling this.

I am just in an extremely tight financial situation right now.......and just so you all know, this is the last thing I want to think about selling, but I also don't want to think about getting rid of the tib.

So if there is any interest, I will update as to whether I am actually selling this IM or not (really hope not, but we shall see)

So, let the offers begin!

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noticeable gains from mine with the BBTB. how big is the TB Ported to? and no offense all you have to do is send your IM back to him for the refund
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