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GI: Compact Divisions Stage 2 IM Beta2

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EDIT: This is no longer for sale.

JUST IN CASE I am seeing if there is any interest for this. I don't want to sell it, but will probably need to shortly.

Brand new
Compact Divisions Items

Stage 2 port & polish - $345
Powdercoating - $55
Phenolic Spacer - $55
Had to buy an IM to have sent to him - $125

All in all, this cost me $580

Asking price: $550 shipped

I want to see if anyone on here is willing to make me a decent offer. In order to be decent, it will need to be around what I paid for it, as I spent OVER A YEAR WAITING FOR THESE ITEMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So if you ever wanted one, you will WAIT if you go through CD......or, maybe I will look at selling this.

I am just in an extremely tight financial situation right now.......and just so you all know, this is the last thing I want to think about selling, but I also don't want to think about getting rid of the tib.

So if there is any interest, I will update as to whether I am actually selling this IM or not (really hope not, but we shall see)

So, let the offers begin!

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Thanks for the feedback guys :)

Now..........Who wants to buy this thing??

I am now 95% sure I am selling it.
I don't think it has been dyno'd, but Xclusive on NT had one on his MAP tib and he said it gave pretty noticeable gains on the butt-dyno.
Oh it's been a while.....I think I had him port the TB opening to 61 mm or so, I don't have a micrometer to measure it. And I know you can get a core value back for the stock IM, but I think I need more money than that right now, so I want to see about selling this instead.

Then, whoever buys it can get that portion of the money back for the core charge.
is the manifold sulev?
By a quick search, sulev = super ultra low emission vehicle

I have no idea, assuming this is what you meant......never heard of that term.
well my car is sulev thats why i a cali boy remember.
Okay, well.....all I know is that it is a stock intake manifold ported to (I think) 60 or 61mm and polished, then powdercoated. I really have no idea if it will keep your sulev status after installation. financial problems are starting to straighten out, so I will not be installing this after all. Thank you all for looking.
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