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GMC Terrain/2010 Equinox

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GM STILL don't get it. The Nitro sold so well, GM HAD to copy it!

Interesting quotes FTA:
Direct-injection engines put fuel directly into the engine's cylinder, rather than mixing it with air first. GM said such engines will be available in 38 of its 2010 models, up from 18 in the 2009 model year.

But the high-pressure fuel injection system creates low frequency noises that are different from other engines, Meagher said. To counter the noise, GM changed the block structure and added layers of foam around the engine in key areas.

"We spent a lot of time and attention trying to make sure the sound quality of this engine is as good as we can make it," he said.

The Terrain, built in Ingersoll, Ont., is the first GM vehicle equipped with a new Active Noise Cancellation technology, which used microphones to detect low-frequency sounds and send counteracting sound waves through the audio system to ensure quiet driving, the company said.
The Terrain is expected to compete with the Ford Edge, Hyundai Santa Fe, and Nissan Murano.
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