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I haven't been a member on here for long (I have few posts), but I must report that I have to give away my 2004 Elantra in the next couple of weeks! She was a good old car, but we must part ways.

I'm leaving to work in China for a while and storage for the car would cost more than I purchased the car for! :eek2: In addition to that I think my work will later take me to Africa working with children there - so it doesn't make any sense to keep it.

I've decided to donate it to Teen Challenge ( I'm not religious, and would rather there not have been religious affiliation, but it seems like they do good work there, and have some important people endorsing them (first two people mentioned -

Goodbye ole girl, and most importantly thanks to everyone here for their help over the past year. :)


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Have fun in China! Sounds like a good experience. Good for you for donating the car rather than trying to get a couple thousand out of it.

When you go to China you can get one of the awesome Chinese facelifted HD Elantras and when you get to Africa you can get another Elantra there too. Hah.

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