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Well, after getting rear-ended a couple weeks ago it seems that my 2004 Elantra GT will no longer be my trusty chariot. Despite my objections, the car is getting written off by insurance. I had truly hoped to drive it for at least another 100k. I bought the car new, and it's been nothing short of phenomenal for me and I'm really sad that I'm forced into something else. Great on gas, very easy to work on, and so damn reliable. 312k on the odometer and still going strong.

In the last 18 years I had a cracked exhaust manifold replaced under warranty, and a month-long battle with intermittent misfires and CELs that turned out to be a broken/loose harness plug. I replaced some suspension parts a while back, and beyond that it's been oil changes, wiper blades, and a little TLC. The car never needed anything more and I will dearly miss being so familiar with a vehicle.

I spent plenty of time reading through the great DIY walkthroughs and gained a lot of insight from the knowledgeable people who took the time to answer my questions before I even asked them. Thanks for being there with me through it all!
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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