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Had a little accident, need to replace Radiator and A/C condensor..need advice.

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This is my 2001 Hyundai Elantra GLS 4D as of today. So i had a little accident, wont get into what happened. I went to get an estimate and was told it would be about 2,500 for the shop to do the repair. I was thinking i could just get a new radiator, a/c condenser, passenger headlight, radiator support, bend the hood back so it atleast works, and get the other metal supports that the black radiator support connects to. What will i be getting my self into? is the a/c condenser something you don't do at home easily? I see that its hard lined and would have to be un-charged then recharged. I basically smashed into the corner of an SUV's bumper, and it bent back my hood, a/c condenser and radiator, with no damage to the engine really. I really just want to do the minimum to get it back on the road, because i need the transportation. I had to drive it back to my house 20-25mins with no coolant, and its about 35 degrees out, so i hope the block is ok... It's that, or buy a new car, because to me the 2,035 kbb value of the car isnt worth the 2500 repair. What do you guys think? thanks for the help, it is really, really appreciated.
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Go to junk yards and you can buy most of body parts (no shipping charges!), but you must buy new radiator and A/C condenser at a local auto parts store. You cannot trust used ones. New after-market parts are not so much expensive. Don't waste money for 10 year-old car. If you absolutely have to drive a short distance, turn on the heater at maximum to prevent engine damage. The radiator and A/C condenser are bolted together on the center side and it is very difficult to remove because there is not enough space to maneuver wrenches. Your ones are damaged, so just cut it off with a metal saw.
Start the engine and run a few minutes and check the engine temperature. It won't hurt. In a cold region in winter it takes ten minutes to reach normal engine temperature.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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