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After some research, I have yet to find a thread for the definitive answers to my following questions. Obviously an answer would be appreciated, or if you know of a thread that answers my questions, please do post because that would also be appreciated!!

1. How would I go about replacing my cv joints? My mechanic said that they're going to need replacing, so I'm wondering if this would be a job that I could do myself, or should I leave it to the professional? He also may have said it was the boot (please do correct me if you feel I have no clue what I am talking about), if so how difficult would that be to replace? Any DIY or anything as such would be helpful!

2. What is the stock front sway bar size? I've gone through so many threads stating anywhere from 23mm to 25mm, I have the sedan model and would like to know so I can upgrade to front polyurethane bushings as well as metal end links. Again, if you can post a thread or give an absolute answer it is appreciatted!

3. Can you do a rear brake swap from drums to rotors? I read somewhere that the GT sedan had rear rotors instead I drums like the GLS. I imagine this would be a more advanced project and would also take some time, so if someone could chime in with what would be needed to do the swap, maybe a little bit of a DIY, would be appreciated!
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