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2001 Elantra GLS
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Hello everyone! I am going to be a new driver soon and was given this 2001 Hyundai Elantra that has been in my extended family since new.

Some things about the car,

  • 87k miles
  • 4 speed auto
  • Engine head and cooling redone due to misuse
  • All 4 struts replaced for going bad ( not sure why as it had such low miles and was sitting for a bit)
I am surprised the paint is this good, even if it was in a open garage.

like most car people, I want to make my car a bit unique, I would want to change a few things to try and make it look a bit cooler, but I want to keep it from looking like an AutoZone build lol. Some things I would like to do are,

This may be a dumb question, but are there any options to swap a better automatic transmission? ie one with more then 4 gears lol.

Any cheap bolt-ons to give it a tiny pit more power, nothing to crazy.
I've seen people recommend headers, not sure if they add anything at all.

Issues with the car so far. The car was left outside with the windows slightly down for a long time, so some things take a few pushes to work, like the windows. The inside light used to work but recently stopped, I'm assuming dust. There is rust behind the front left plastic wheel flaps, and its starting to show on the right.

Also how do you fix the clock because the buttons don't work😂

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