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HELP!! Frustrating! 03 elantra Overheating seems to be dripping coolant under car

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OK. Noticed yesterday air condit was warming..... Looked and engine temp was high. Saw cople drips going under car, assumed it was coming from the AC-
Put some coolant in res.... took half a jug...
I replaced the T Stat and gasket this aft-
1- Replacement T stat looked different! It fit tho, so i used it (new is rounded face out/ old is pointed) Does the GL have a dif T stat? Parts store didnt ask.
That Did NOT stop the overheating so I looked at the dripping under car- Its coolant.
Could it be the H2O pump? And i fried a lower gasket and got the leak? Hardly driven hot.... but possible?
I dont see a leak at the top of the radiator or at any connections.
has anyone experienced this?
Please help
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Update- Resevoir has coolant... Drove @ 3 miles. There is a dripping leak of coolant for sure- cant tell where. Now will only blow cold- still overheating.
Im gonna change radiator tomorrow unless anyone has any better advice.....
Yeah...... I know- It was completely diff- The pointed side was more like a bubble than a cone. Weird. I replaced gasket as well- Changed radiator today. Seems to have done the trick. must have been a small leak. THX!
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