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So since my first paycheck for my internship doesn't come until like 3 weeks from now, I've decided to do cheap little things to my car until then.

First up: Paint the ugly automatic shift gate silver.

Problem: This is something I have never done. Interior painting...

I want to have a nice brushed aluminium look on the shift gate, but want to leave the indicators alone. I'm thinking about using one of those leafing paints and actually painting it with a brush.

Good idea? or not?

Any suggestions on what kind of paint I should use or how I should paint it?

Again, since I am a complete newbie in this area, detailed explanation would be great.



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well first thing is to take it out, dissassemble the shift gate items, clean clean and clean some more.

To do brushed look is kinda tricky but not that bad, but try it out on some scrap metal or some sealed wood to get the hang of it
Here's what you need, Silver paint, black paint, soft bristle brush
Put down two coats of silver and LET DRY completely, spray on a mist coat of the black VERY LIGHTLY just giving it an even coverage but so that you can still see alot of the silver underneith. Immediately <stress after the black coat, put on a good covering (wet coat) of silver paint (same stuff as the base).
While its still wet use the brush to LIGHTLY go over the settling paint in either a horizontal or vertical pattern, don't do complete or very long regular strokes though it won't look as good as shorter ones.
the brush is going to score the silver into the black and lift it together with the top silver while revealing the silver behind it at the same time.

Let dry or once your satisfied with the pattern apply your clear coating
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