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HEY HDers! New 17" OEM rim choice!

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And its not what you might think!

for ****s and giggles I threw the rim up on an eclipse we had in at work. and the lug pattern matches...AS DOES THE HUB. The hub for an eclipse is identical to the HD hub --- what does this mean?

Get some OEM eclipse rims and they will bolt right up, no modification needed. And they come with 17".

You can thank me later :)

(thanks to amanda for unknowingly letting me mount her rim on an eclipse. hope she wont be upset the rim isnt a hyundai vigrin anymore :tongue: )
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Should double-check the bore diameters. If the Mitsu has a smaller bore, than the Hyundai wheel will fit on Mitsu, but not the other way around. I wouldn't want someone to buy some eclipse rims and be disappointed if they don't fit.
the bores are identical from what i could tell - there was no play like there is with aftermarket rims...the rim seat itself perfectly onto the hub


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67.2mm seems like the right bore size.
^its not mine I hate x-post lifts
its the gf of a coworker who has a fully built turbo 420a RS.
Would the difference between 67.1 and 67.2 be enough to make the wheels vibrate? If so, then, poop.

a tenth of a millimeter is inconsequential. consider them the same
1 - 5 of 22 Posts
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