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Hello everyone. I am trying to find out what others have done about excessive glare caused by installing after-market HID conversion kits in their elantras.

I have heard it can be a big problem with oncoming traffic often flashing thinking that you have your high beams on.

Another member posted a thread DIY: HID installation that shows great step by step on how to install them with lots of photos.

You can see in the last 2 photos he posted that there is lots of glare or an undefinded cut off line from the top of the lighted area in comparison to the halogen oem bulbs.

I have heard about casper glare shields but have been unable to find any for sale.

Maybe the glare is not too bad on Elantras with the H7 low beam, or maybe the modern conversion kits have better positioned bulbs to put the lights source in the correct focal point of the parabolic reflector.

Any thoughts or comments are appreciated.
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