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Higher compression to gas mileage and power (?)

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Is it the 1.8 rods with the 2.0 pistons that raise compression, or is it the 2.0 rods with the 1.8 pistons that raise the compression.

I heard that higher compression engines run more efficiently if there is adequate cooling and I was just wondering what it would take.

Here in cali we have **** for gas 91 octane rating, do you think it would be safe to run an 11.5:1 CR or somewhere in the ballpark with 91 octane?

If the piston/rod combo raises it to 11:1 shouldn't shaving a bit off the head achieve closer to an 11.5:1 without clearance issues?

I have read that on a stock engine at 11:1 it should net around 4-5 horses, but with it somewhere around 11.5:1 and a cleaned up mildly ported head and some odds and ends, shouldn't it achieve around 15-25 horses with a pretty mild tune?

Odds and ends are like ported throttle body and port matched intake manifold.

Just throwing this out there, because I am just wondering why people rarely point out the efficiency increase and better fuel economy provided by a higher compression motor.

Been thinking about it, and everything should cost a little over a grand.

I need the fuel economy, but I also want more power.

Would it be worth it to run a good sized turbo with the stock compression to retain fuel economy and gain power. Maybe get a turbo with an assload of lag, like an old 1990's HKS turbo or something so you will be out of boost until like 4000 rpm.

A lot of guys seem to have problems rigging up their turbo setups and they seem to cost more than anticipated for them, so I thought that this NA setup should be more predictable and easier.

I've looked around and have searched a lot on the forum, and I just needed some clarification on some things.
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dont quote me on this because i dont exactly know what im talking about
but i think either way would lower the compression because the 1.8s are made for 1.8 liters so it would be putting something made for a displacement in.
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