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HIN Orlando

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Anybody going to HIN this weekend in Orlando? I just went with my friend to pick up his car and the secretary in the office brought us into the back of the shop where we got to see a nice little preview of a handful of cars that will be there... including a sick looking 350Z(w/ SC), a rather nice looking Cobra, and a black Evo8 pushing 44 pounds of boost w/ 75 shots of nitrous... I also got to see an awesome little project 240SX... with a Chevy 383 Twin Turbo w/ 400 shot of nitrous.... :bowdown: ... and also I got to see the making of the worlds 2nd 1 seater Civic... :eek:
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where the hell did your friend have to pick up his car? Secret services? and to answer your question no. But if you go get tera patrick's autograph for me.
It's not Secret Services... it's called Car Excess but the Evo 8s are from a shop called SideWinder... the guy who owns the 2 Evo 8s and Eclipses is good friends with 2 of my managers at Dominos and some of the drivers... he's entering one of his Evo 8s(the one with the 44PSI Turbo) at HIN to race DJ Trauma's car(Who's making claims he'll have the fastest car there). This guy Joey just spent $1k on new seats for his Evo 8 and the guy he bought them off of took off with the money so a bunch of my co-workers all pitched in for another $1k so he'll have the seats in time for HIN.
Car Excess
Here's the link to some pics of some of their cars... this hasn't been updated in a while but they are getting their new site up and running Friday... next time I head down there I'll bring a camera.

Oh yeah, and I'm not going. :mad: But next week I'm going back there with my friend so I'll see the cars with a newer paint job and hopefully with more :D
DJ Trauma's car is a piece of ish. He has been beaten by plenty of people on TR and pretty badly if I remember correctly. He has a rousch mustang or something or at least he did. Him being the fastest car there is a joke. I have never seen that 350 at any of the local shows or heard of the shop. Pretty cool
They drive the 350Z around Largo/Clearwater alot. Their next paint job is going to be the "final" one and after that it won't be road drivable... show only. :mad:
So did anybody go? any pics?
Here are some pics for you

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