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Interesting. I wonder if mine might be too tight cause more brake dust is appearing on the rear rims than on the front.

This may be a long shot, but it helped with my cars fuel economy (05 Elantra).

My rear brakes (disc type) wore out at 60,000 miles. This is the first car I have owned that used up the rear brakes before the front ones needed to be replaced. When I replaced the pads, I noted the parking brake was adjusted too tight.

Had to take the center console loose (six screws) and adjust the parking brake cable. It’s easy to do. If you have the right kind of wrench, you may be able to adjust the cables through the hole in the storage compartment at the rear of the console.

The nut you loosen up is against a bracket that connects the two rear parking brake cables to the front cable attached to the parking brake handle.

After loosening up the parking brakes, went up to 38 mpg from 33.

I drive 100 miles a day, with 80 being on the freeway, and 20 in town driving.

With my last tank of gas, went 500 miles before low fuel light came on (around 40 MPG, drove at 55 on the freeway all week)..

Good luck……
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