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How are we doing?

How are we doing?

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So, one year or so has passed since I took over the Admin responsibilities here at EXD. How is EXD? Let me know what you think.

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I think this site has evolved quite a bit over the months. It's rather fun visiting this board and reading and bettering myself in automotives. Keep up the good work ^_^
I know I haven't been a member long but I always come on here everytime I get a spare minute.This place kicks a$$! I like this site better than any other Hyundai site.Keep up the greatness!
I like it. It took me a while to get used the the format of this forum, becuase I am used to Invision Power Board. Invision Power Board would be a good upgrade, but may cost more money than running this one and probably would be a hassle to convert.
great. youve made a kick ass site man. you should be happy that most people are proud to say they visit the site multiple times a day. keep up the good work
well i'm pretty much new here but i like it :D
i dont think i woulda got a shirt if i hated the site. lol

im here every chance i get
James, you suck, and so do these boards. :rolleyes:

HaHa, just kidding, site is awesome, I wouldn't change a thing. But you may want to get that snoring looked into.
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haha, awesome site james glad i didn't sleep upstairs with you two i wouldn't of been able to get any sleep at all
I think its GLORIOUS! </Will Farrell voice> Keep up the good work!
I love it!!! Keep up the great work!! :halm: EXD Rocks!!! lol
This is the only site that I go to and stay relatively active (well, other than the porn sites). I love this place. EXD is definately my favorite site on the internet (well, other than the porn sites).
Yeah, I don't even consider myself an auto enthusiast, but I check XD at least twice a day. I think that speaks well of the community here.
Pretty damm good.
On a side note, can we get a DIY on Bottle throwing.
jfwy Evan.
lol, you two are hilarious.
Ya'll are doing alright. I know the crowd here is a little younger and the tastes differ a little from mine, but it's still fun to come visit.
I really like this site, it has a wealth of information, mainly friendly people, and we all share common dreams.
There are a couple of things which bother me, like having *edited* appear even when we edit the post 1-2 minutes later.
I joined right as it was kicking off, and personally I think it's the best damn site out there. I love vB though...and really despise posting on anything else.

James I think you've done a great job as administrator. Diplomatic, friendly and always happy to help. :thumbsup: So thanks mate for your time and effort, it is much appreciated.
The site is kick ass because of all the effort put into it by you, SuperGLS, all the great moderators, I know I appreciate it.
wow. it suprises me who put down the "it could be better" response...

Well maybe it's because of the lack of a DIY bra removal.
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