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How do you pay for auto insurance?

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How do you pay for auto insurance?

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Today I renewed my auto insurance (it went down again, yay!) and they have two options, either pay monthly or pay six months in advance.

I was wondering how other people choose to pay for theirs?

So, How do you pay for auto insurance?

(Admin note - Yeah, I know, it's kind of a boring question, oh wells).

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I pay mine monthly.I pay $230 bucks a month.It was $270.It also should go down because I turn 25 in a month
I pay it the whole year at once.... Were's the option?

I pay mine six months at a time, save nearly $100 that way.

KeWLKaT said:
I pay it the whole year at once.... Were's the option?
I figured that might an option, but it isn't for me and since I'm young and stuff I haven't had much experience and didn't know if other companies offered that.

Anyway, it's updated.

I normally pay month to month since I usually don't have that much money upfront, but currently my insurance is all paid for in advance for 6 months. I think it's less than a $40 savings for me to pay in full.
Monthly, that way I can keep on top of it. I would most likely spend the money before I could save it if I payed every 6 months. My insurance is also about $225.00 a month, sucks being young.
I pay mine monthly due to the fact its 270 / month.... Keep in mind No wrecks either.
Every six months for me ... there's a processing fee if you choose to do it monthly. Since I can't stand paying for convenience and the time value of defering the payments doens't offset the extra spend I'd pay for the year if they gave me a discount to to it but they don't

$225 a month !! Ouch!... I guess over 25 married with multiple line and clean driving gets you somewhere. I just paid $380 for 6 months and another $375 for my wifeys Forester.

225 a month?!?!?! wow i pay mine every six months not to hard to work out its only 85 a month so.....
Mine was 130 a month... now it's like 93 a month. Was 85 a month, then went up a little for some reason... It's actually better for me to pay monthly, if I pay 6 months in advance, I only save like $8.

I used to pay yearly also, but I was told by 2 different insurance agencies that they no longer offer yearly rates, only 6 months at a time.
Monthly on my parent's plan...
We pay the premium of $214.27 for 2 cars every six months. We only have liability coverage at the state minimum.
Mine was $662 for 6 months. I signed up with Progressive after I graduated college and had to get off my Dad's plan. Luckily that just happened to be 3 years after the accidents that were my fault and unlike others, Progressive only goes 35 months instead of 60 months. Bonus! It's been going down slightly too. First payment was $920. Second payment last year was $736. And this one was $662. Pretty good for 23 and single (well, not married).

190 a month for my wife and I on the elantra.

Hopefully, with a second car in the summer, we will have 3 policies with the same insurer, and a good multi policy rate to boot. I'll start paying it yearly when I renew next time.
I'm at $106 a month plus a $3 service charge a month for full coverage.
fuzzd, what provider do you use? im trying to get off of my parent's soon and get my own
$150.00 monthly... gotta love the parents plan!!! (full coverage)

I used to pay mine (on my old explorer) and the payments were divided into four payments per six months, so, every month and a half (Nationwide)
I pay monthly $196 <clean record + no reported accidents> its $132 now with the XD in storage till april and im now driving a 87 dodge daytona
You guys are lucky you dont live in NY.. Insurance here SUCKS, way to much $$.
I'm at $98/mo. for full coverage... I'm 25 with a totally clean record, last ticket was in '98.

Then again, it's frickin' South Carolina. They were trying to sell me lojack when I bought my car in MD and they're like "it's in the top 90% of theft-prone states," but it wasn't available in SC so they were all "uhm, nevermind." If I move back to Maryland, like I hope to later this year, my insurance will probably jump to $150 or something. :(
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