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How helpful do you find the EXD DIY's to be?

  • Very helpful.

    Votes: 34 48.6%
  • Good.

    Votes: 18 25.7%
  • Bad.

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • We need more...

    Votes: 18 25.7%

How helpful do you find the EXD DIY's to be?

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How helpful do you find the EXD DIY's to be?

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The ones that are there are great, but we need more!
I voted very helpful, however I also believe more are needed.
Im currently looking for a DIY on "how to find out who the F punched out my car window and attempted to steal my systerm mod"... So thats why i voted for "need more"...
i think they are great. but the DIY main pages should be updated. there are 4 or 5 different "power wire to the trunk diy's". and some of the earlier DIY done are buried in the mess. over all, its a very informative and helps out tons.
yea we need more. anyone who has done a mod and has good pics, should submit it.
They are great but as others have said more are needed...
IMHO you can never have too many DIYs, but you can have too few. But the ones that are on there are great. I feel that somethings that def. need to be added would be the "basic" stuff under maintence; such as changing brakes, changing headlights, changing rotors, etc. you know, the basic things that could take anyone about 2hrs for the most difficult thing to complete. Sure, these may seem simple and obvious to a lot of you, but there are still a lot of people that don't want to pay to have someone else do it, but have no clue on how to do it themselves. But all the "performance" and "eye candy" mods are great, and we could always use a few more of those.

Just a thought.
i agree with everything vampyrate said
damn right.

i think that we should put things such as changing the oil, etc.. all over there.

the only thing in maintenance is washing the car.... what is this??? LOL

also we need more things for the engine......

things like removing the resonator...

F'IN HELL i had trouble with that and nobody, NOBODY could help me. turns out that because i had a gt, the foglights made it impossible to reach the second bolt and i had to remove my headlight in order to see it. NOBODY knew that or was able to tell me...

DIY's will help take out that confusion.

But also,


I mean, we've got tons of things that should make it up there.





im sure theres more

yeah, so maybe if sombody :)D) put on the DIY's more often, maybe we would be prone to actually try and write some out.

And don't use the excuse that we don't have pics Super, not all DIY's have pics.

Here's a nice example of a DIY already up on the site that NEEEEEEEEEDS pics for begginers but have none, but you still put up:

Super, I love you man, but sometimes, you're just lazy :D

I think you should put somebody in charge of doing just the DIY's

I mean SH*T. 2lou2k2xd has like 30 DIY's here, with NONE of them up on the site... Talk about a downer.

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I'll try and put some of this stuff together next week. This week I have a number of NIN shows i'm hitting up, but after that I can help with the workload of adding this stuff to the DIY section of the site (as opposed to the DIY section of the forum)
hey, ease off super kewl....j/k. one guy can only do so much tho. and i can count 5 or 6 diy's ive done since ive been on here that have been buried in the rubble over the past years or so. granted the coilover diy i did, i had to give that one to egtclub (for certain reasons super knows). i even did a front bumper mesh diy also. also, there are a couple different solutions to the infamous xd1 clock color change that makes it more like the blue dash color (blue window tint-3/4 layers). we have a great forum here, with a tremendous ammount of knowledge from our members from the diy's they submit. and thats great. we have pretty much all the diy's we can get, except for motor work....hopefully which i can add tons after the motor build.
like kewl said, maby you (super) could instate a mod just for diy's. they can clean up the submitted diy, and make the diy section bigger and better than ever.

now, seeings how i wroth the origional (coilover) diy for egtclub, since its MY diy, cant you also throw it in the diy section here? not sure if there is certain unwritten rules governing things like that.

kewl....thanks for bringing up all my diy's man. i almost couldnt find them any more. lol

btw: if there is anything on/in my car you guys see and want a diy, just ask.but hurry, winters almost here and the car goes into storage.
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I should ban you for being... ahh, nevermind.

The idea of this thread worked, I wanted people to see that they need to DO MORE DIY's.

For the ones Kewlkat listed that are recent, I haven't done them for various reasons. The older ones I've just missed. I want 99.9% of them to have pictures and good pictures, that will seperate EXD DIY's from other sites.

Resonator removal DIY? Unscrew and pull out... DONE. Some things are just too easy.

I agree with what Vampyrate said, but someone has to do them first.

all but 1 diy i posted on this site first, for this site. most all of my diy's i did, also have pics. if not, i have a 4mp cam and i love taking pics of my car, so i can get whatever pics that are needed.

like super said above....resonator removal diy...come on, just look at it. you should be able to see that it sits in the fender well and you'll need to get it removed from there. and headlight replacemant...come on..OMG. its a bulb. i can do mine (remove both assemblies, replace bulbs, and reinstall assemblies) in 15* weather in under 15 minutes total. things like that are common knowledge. if you actually sit down and think about it for a minute, usually you can figure out what needs to be done. i installed my nitrous kit w/the help of a friend. i had no idea wtf i was doing. sat down, planned it out and got it done. now i spray.
Yeah, but some people do need that simple starter to get them going. And you can't say that they shouldn't be playing with their cars, because we all have to start somewhere. (Not that I have to start at that point, but I encourage everyone to try at least something on their cars, and some people have to start from the very bottom...all the power to them!)

Point being, if you do anything to your car, take photos and document it well.
for some people it's their first cars (not my case, but been there), so they have no idea on how to replace a bulb...

love the DIY even the self explanatory ones but we need more. also, the harder the DIY the more pics you should include if possible.

(note to self: get digital camera to post pics for DIY)
(note to self: stop working in dark so that i may be able to take pics to write a decent DIY)

ooo...brain fart is there any way we could get new DIY's marked as new like the ones at gtclub possibly?
Three DIY's have been added.

The Grill Mesh, Air/Fuel Guage Install, and a Aftermarket Horn Install.

Thanks to Matt for the help.

Yay Super, you're the man :)

Time to write up some DIY's... WITH pics :D

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