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How long have you driven your Elantra on one tank of gas?

How long have you driven your Elantra on one tank of gas?

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How long have you driven your Elantra on one tank of gas? Meaning, it was full, you drove until you had to fill up 14+ gallons. How many miles (or kilometers converted into miles) did you go?

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Before I recently moved the best I had ever gotten was probably once on a roadtrip to my parents house. That's 444 miles and I still had about 1/8th tank left. I don't remember what the final mileage was.

I drive from Kalamazoo to Grand Rapids every day for my daily commute and I've routinely gotten to 400+ but I never put more than 12.5 gallons in it. I've never been brave enough to ride more than a few minutes on the gas light.

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Actualy, when you fill it up and till you hit half of the tank the car is more fuel efficient. Why? That`s another story

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People, where do you com wich such numbers: four hundred and something, five hundreds, and even six hundreds????? Are you sure is a elantra gas engine?? I could believe if were a diesel or hybrid, but not gas... Mine is a 2005 Elantra GLS, 2.0L auto trans. The car is in ideal condition, waxed, polished, all maintenance work done, only syntetic oil, name brand gas station (Shell-80 percent of the time, BP, Exxon), no passengers, no extra weight (I`m 156 LBS), everything kept at factory level, no dust- no rust no where, the car is never accelerated, almost never over 60-65 mph, and barely she gives me 400 US miles on a 12.5 galons tank of gas (regular, the one recomended by the manual). I also use addtives (Shell ones) in tank. Can anybody advise me how to achieve their milege??? Thanx.
P.S I live n the country- no hills, no traffic, keep the car for work and back, a 20-25 mile comute back and forward. And like I said- no trafic or trafic light, stop sign.
I drive daily at 75-80mph for 120 miles, and though its going up on each tank I was averaging about 350 to begin with. As I figured out my route and began coasting instead of braking so much it has improved. I haven't pushed it, but I've been getting about 420 to each tank with about 13 gallons put in.
I just filled up this morning and this tank I made an effort not to push it too hard. Still got to work on time but drove 70 - 75 instead of 80+. The odo clocked 466 and I still had 1.5 gallons in the tank according to the pump (I put in 13 gallons almost on the dot). The fuel light had been on for about 40 miles and the needle was just getting below the E line, which had me scared.
The best mileage I've ever gotten was when the car was 2-3 years old and I was driving from Orlando to my parent's house. Google Maps puts that at 444 miles. When I pulled into my parents driveway, it read I still had 1/4 tank remaining.

I have gotten it over 500 ONCE after that. Now though, driving almost 100% freeway at 72-75mph I'm lucky to break 400. Something wrong with the gas up here.
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