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How long have you driven your Elantra on one tank of gas?

How long have you driven your Elantra on one tank of gas?

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How long have you driven your Elantra on one tank of gas? Meaning, it was full, you drove until you had to fill up 14+ gallons. How many miles (or kilometers converted into miles) did you go?

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I'm lucky to break the 300mile mark on a tank of gas down here if just going to and from work. ~10 miles each way, over the two intercoastal bridges, averaging 55mph (if i go US1 route which means only three stop lights and a long turn exit ramp)
Wife's had my car for the last week and a half. It's been an experiment to see how we cna save more $$ on gas. She averages 37-40mpg out of her turd, when traffic sucks (like it has for the last week) it's 37, when it's easy it's 40. She ran 436 miles and we put in 11.9 gallons. 36.6mpg average. I drove her car last week.... scratch that.... I beat the **** out of her car last week and I got 35.6mpg. I average about 32.9 outta porky. So I think I lost my car. Maybe I can get some new springs/struts for the turd....
Don't quite follow how you lost your car, unless u have to travel farther to work.

I managed to do 465 miles on 16.15 gallons of gas. According to Hyundai this car only holds 55 liters or 14.5 gallons. I have a receipt for 16.15, I guess they were wrong. This equals 28.79 miles to the gallon. This is the 2002 Elantra GLS not one of the newer ones. I think this thread should have specified years of car.
Don't come cryin to us when you have to replace your charcoal canister back there.
The coasting definitely helps. Consistently averaging 27mpg (+/- .4 mpg) now with the neutral coasting to lights and backside of bridges along with keeping it below 3k esp on take off.
Glad Bob took up that baton cause i wasn't even going to bother with the explanations.
Been getting an average of 12.2(+/-.5) gallons each fill up. Variability accounting for exactly when i fill it up (which is usually right when the gas light comes on) and been going to the same gas station. Presently averaging 27.3 (+/- .4)mpg on a mixed cycle (~60%city).

I just wish I could get rid of this crappy FL gas.
Last trip trip to AR showed 417.3miles on second leg and the light was not on yet.
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