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How long have you driven your Elantra on one tank of gas?

How long have you driven your Elantra on one tank of gas?

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How long have you driven your Elantra on one tank of gas? Meaning, it was full, you drove until you had to fill up 14+ gallons. How many miles (or kilometers converted into miles) did you go?

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drove from Montreal to Hershey, PA for a conference... Fueld up first thing and only had to get gas once ~Newtown, PA... I was probably averaging 60 mph... that was an f'n long drive...
Then from Hershey to Hamilton, Ontario for a wedding... easily made it on one tank... another f'n long drive...
if you are getting 37 miles to the gallon, why can't hyundai produce a car that today delivers that mileage? Come on give us an answer?
Did you really just ask that? reported mpgs by car manufacturers are estimates based on a set of guidelines set out by the EPA. Run on, essentially, a dynamometer to similate city and highway driving conditions. It's a SIMULATION.
^ dID You read any of the other bs he's said?
unfortunately... I'll never get that part of my life back... :(
Ummmmm are you that ignorant?
1) The fuel economies posted on that page are combined city/highway. EPA for the new Elantra is 26/34.
2) Posted fuel economies are EPA estimates based on it running on a treadmill at a certain load with a certain speed. Real life results vary. I get better fuel economy on the highway at 75 mph than at 65 mph. I think the EPA tests are at 65 for highway. I'll spoon feed ya:
3) I can get ~29 mpg on 100% city driving (stop sign or stop light every 2-3 blocks for 7 miles twice a day). EPA says I should only get 21 city and 29 highway for the 2004... I *NEVER* get below 30 mpg on the highway... I usually get 34 combined.
By the way, the numbers that Hyundai, and other companies come up with, are not the absolute most that the car will get. The number is a conservative estimate based on tests in 2 different locations in the USA, each one with a different climate and elevation. When you're outside of those two test areas and scenarios, you can get better or worse mileage.
No, it's lab tested.... so it's not even close to a road test.
So let's just go back...

Regardless of what numbers he puts up, for the sake of argument let's say they're fine and River got ~29 mpg.

EPA fuel economy on that car is 21 city, 30 highway.

If on that 29 mpg trip he did any more than 10% city driving, then his car had better fuel economy than is estimated. So even by his own calculations his argument fails.

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I thought that I read somewhere that the cars are tested in San Diego and somewhere else, like New England...I'll have to look that up and get back to you. I know that they are also tested in the lab, but I thought it was also in 2 differing cities.
The EPA lab is in ann arbor, and the lab test is a federally regulated standardized test... Actually, it's usually the car companies that run the test using the standardized method... EPA retests only a few of them for accuracy. But it's regulated by law, so if a car manufacturer artificially inflates numbers, they can get fined by the EPA. So it's usually in the manufacturers' best interest to estimate a bit low. Then they can't get flak from the EPA, and customers are happy that they get MPG > estimates.
you think you can accurately tell how many gallons you used on a tank of gas. Thats insane.
Let me explain it to you with an example using numbers, see it that helps...
The size of the tank does not matter so long as you fill up the same way every time.
You go to gas station A, on pump 1. You fill up until it clicks off and not top up.... say it fills up 10 gallons. nice round number. You clear the odometer. You drive. Let's say you drive 240 miles, and you go back to gas station A on pump 1. You fill up until it click off and not top up, exactly like before. say it fills up 8 gallons. This means on your trip of 240 miles, you used up 8 gallons of fuel.
240/8 = 30 miles per gallon.
Who cares how big the tank it. It could be a 30 gallon endurance fuel tank, and was 2/3rd full when you first filled that 10 gallons.
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