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Entry to this meet with your vehicle is BY PRE-REGISTRATION ONLY.
You MUST register in advanced via posting in this thread or contacting the meet organizer (Stimpy2301) to be added to the roster.
Any vehicle attempting entry to the meet, if not on the roster, will be denied access.
By registering for this meet, you agree to abide by all the rules.
If you are found to be in violation of the rules, the dealership and/or the meet organizers reserve the right to eject you and your vehicle from the show.

Saturday, April 25th!!!

Thank you, to our sponsors:.

Info included below in this post:
--Meet Itinerary
--Location Info & Maps
--Directions to Coastal
--Meal Info
--Your Responsibilities
--Placard Info
Info included in the subsequent post:
--Regarding Other Cars
--Andretti Thrill Park Info
Info included in the third post:
--Group Caravan Details


11:30am - 4:30pm (or later if we wish) -- Coastal Hyundai
Times TBD -- Andretti Thrill Park
Times TBD -- Dinner at ??? (if desired)

Since Coastal is being gracious enough to host us and feed us, PLEASE MAKE EVERY EFFORT TO BE ON TIME. Last time we were all very late, and between that and the rain, it felt like the dealership got very little time from us. We're there to help them out too -- by bringing them some attention or new customers off the street -- so let's try to make it count!


Where is Melbourne? Along the central-east coast, ~30 miles south of Cape Canaveral.

Coastal Hyundai is located on US192 at 915 New Haven Ave W., Melbourne, FL 32901, on the southeast corner of the US192 / Dairy Rd intersection.

interactive map...

Andretti Thrill Park is at 3960 South Babcock St, (just before the corner of Babcock & Eber) and is literally only a few miles away from Coastal Hyundai.

(NOTE: These directions are generic guidelines, using the major highways. By all means, map your own route if you don't like these or if your location doesn't fit one of these.)

Northern East Coast -- I-95 South.
Central East Coast -- I-95 North/South as applicable.
Southern East Coast -- I-95 North.

Northern West Coast / Panhandle -- I-10 East to I-95 South
(Alternate: I-10 East to I-75 South to Turnpike South to 528 East to 95 South)

Central West Coast -- I-4 East to 528 East to I-95 South.
(Alternate: I-4 East to 417 North to 528 East to I-95 South.

Southern West Coast -- I-75 South to I-595 to I-95 North.
(Alternate: I-75 South to I-595 to Turnpike North to I-95 North)

Northern Central -- I-75 South to Turnpike South to 528 East to 95 South

Once on I-95, take exit 180 (US-192), and head east off the exit. About three miles in, Coastal Hyundai is located on the southeast corner of the intersection of US-192 and Dairy Rd.

Coastal Hyundai to Andretti Thrill Park:
- East on US-192.
- Turn right (south) on Babcock St.
- Andretti is on the right, just two miles down.


Below is the layout of the Coastal Hyundai property. Last time, they had us in the lot by Service 2. However, this time they plan to put us in their bigger lot by Dairy Rd. (This is subject to change, at the dealership's discretion.)

NOTE: Please follow the orange route to enter the lot. Trying to get in by making a left across Dairy Road could be a mess for large caravans. As such, please stay on 192, pass the dealership, and make the first right on Dunbar Rd. Then turn right on Pegasus, and enter the lot from there.


LUNCH: Coastal Hyundai will be providing food for us!

DINNER: We're on our own. I suspect those not heading home right after Andretti may end up getting dinner in the area. Melbourne has every restaurant chain/type known to man.


1) Please be as close to on-time as possible. (Start time 11:30 am)
2) Please make a placard for your Tib! (See "Placard Info" section for details)
3) For Andretti:
-- Print out, sign, and bring your Andretti Thrill Park waiver. (See "Andretti Thrill Park Info" section for link to waiver.)
-- Pack closed-toe shoes.
-- Decide if you want a 2-hour or 3-hour pass.

Coastal Hyundai is being gracious enough to host our meet. THEY invited US! If we hope to have other dealership meets in the future, at Coastal or elsewhere, it is IMPERATIVE that we continue to impress them.

Also, people are kicked out of Andretti very often for reckless driving or messing with the motors. DON'T!!!

Word travels fast these days, and it can be good or bad.

-- If this goes well, we'll strengthen our relationship with Coastal. Maybe they'll sell a few cars because of us! Hopefully, then, we'll continue to have dealerships contacting US, rather than vice versa, to host a meet!

-- If this goes badly, you'll hurt Florida Tib's image, my image as the meet organizer and a frequent customer of theirs, the image of anyone who helps me put this together, and the image of anyone who likes to customize their car.


Creating a placard for your dashboard / windshield was a great idea we incorporated a few years ago, and has been highly successful since! Your placard can speak for your Tib, if you're not nearby, so people can still learn about it and its mods. It will also help the dealership perform judging for trophies.

Please include the following on your placard:
a) FloridaTibs screen name
b) Real name (first only)
c) Location (e.g., "Cocoa, FL")
d) Tib year & version
e) Mod list

Recommendation: Build your placard in a graphics program, then have it printed as an 8X10 photo at Wal-Mart. This makes it look very professional!

A few examples:

Hit up a fellow member if you're no good with graphics programs. I'd like to avoid lists scribbled on a crumpled piece of paper or cardboard or brown paper bags, if we can help it. (You know who you are... )


When you RSVP, include your first name for your nametag.

Meet Roster:

1. Stimpy2301 (Andy) (Port St. John)
2. TNT (Tyler)
3. Ruthless-Rod (Rod)
4. Porkchop520 (Jesse)
5. dquin013 (DJ)
6. Yoshi (Roshawn)
7. DeShark (Danny)
8. 03GTTib (Arek)
9. King Nothing (Rick) [maybe]
10. Jr_sanchez
11. treyclash (Trey)
12. 1badblacktib (JC)
13. BlueShark (Bryan)
14. 6gears6cylinders (Steve)
15. my_black_tibb (Jess)
16. Shark Demon (Pedro)
17. Pr0tege (Luke)
18. TuscaniTasha (Tasha)
19. BabyShark24 (Kayla)
20. badtib04 (Jordan)
21. hks street14 (Mickiel)
22. Nohare (Nick)
23. philm00x (Phil)
24. xJxDx0926 (JD)
25. ohhmyyitsLea (Lea)
26. 03TibGT
27. Kyle McBride
28. tuscani19
29. Kronan (Jason)
30. streetracerkm (Kris)
31. Lucho (Luis)
32. TaRawr (Tara)
33. d31dr4 (Deidra)
34. DirtLizardT (Tim)
35. hypeazzchico (Pedro)
36. amd64skater(Darryl)
37. ViCiouS (Mike)
38. blue2ggt (Robert)
39. BT08 (Bill)
40. mortose (Josh)
41. punkrebel182 (Vic)
42. speedy (Mark)
43. shark tales (Marcel)
44. niesajns (Niesa)
45. millerd79
46. tuscani19
47. Bommello (Alex) [maybe]
48. whitetibby (Ryan)
49. MisterTib (Jamie)
50. inxsinxity (Tiffany)
51. rrotherham (Rob)
52. luke1982 (Luke)
53. QuikBMWkid (Colin)
54. Nalucido (Nick)
55. VECCHIONI27 (Tim)

1. only1db (Derek) [late]
2. KiddNBalla (Jorge)
3. rckozma [maybe]
4. slipknotfan
5. silentwolf [maybe]
6. darkboricua [maybe]

Other Members:
1. xFersureMaybex (Caitlyn)
2. [email protected]

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Like I posted on the other forum, I plan on going as long as work doesn't get in the way.

I just bought Alpine RD components for the fronts, I am in the process of adding them to the system as we speak, so tunes will be better for the ride.

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Hey everyone ...

Just wanted to let you know ... I also arranged for a whole bunch of trophies for various categories for the Tibs.

However, as a thanks-for-coming-out (since a handful of you come to more of our Tib meets than some Tib owners do, lol), I also added a Best Elantra trophy category, to be selected by the dealership.

I'll add the few of you to the roster. Check out the meet thread on FloridaTibs for more information.

turbo envy
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ok...there are over 50 tibs signed up and are coming...there are raffles for various things...mostly tib parts....but food and dj will be there...

there is also voting that will be going on as well.....a Loud exhaust competition, sound competition....and more!!

i will edit the first post with all of the information....

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One of the most important updates is that YOU MUST PRE-REGISTER. Let me or Derek know, and we'll get you on the list.

By registering, you agree to abide by all meet rules.

Unregistered cars will be turned away.

turbo envy
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the tib list continues to grow and looks like its going to be the biggest tib meet...

so who is coming and not coming...i would like to do a caravan of XD's if we could....

it starts at 11:30am!! !

turbo envy
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Ok we will be meeting in the Melbourne Mall parking lat at 11 ish we will be leaving the mall at 11:20am the meet starts at 11:30...

please make sure you are ON TIME!!

here is the map and the spot that we will be meeting.

coming from 192 E make a right onto Evans RD. there will be a Barnes and Noble on the right hand side of the street. as soon as you turn onto the road there will be an entrance for the Mall, make that right. make another right and continue down street you will see wachovia on the right hand side of the street...the next parking lot on the right is where we are meeting.

here is the map....i will be pming all of those who said they were coming...

map of mall parking lot
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