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Hyundai Sales - September 2009 & Hyundai Momentum!

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More increases over last year (not surprising really). Elantra sales up a considerable amount which is always good!

Hyundai Press Release said:

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif., 10/01/2009
Hyundai Motor America today announced September sales of 31,511units, a 27 percent increase compared with September 2008. For the calendar year to-date, Hyundai sales are up 1.4 percent compared to last year. This also marks the ninth consecutive month of significant year-over-year gains in retail market share. Hyundai leads all automotive brands in market share growth this year.

“While consumer demand following the Cash-for-Clunkers program softened during the month of September, we are encouraged with our continued growth in retail share and overall sales through the first nine months of the year,” said Dave Zuchowski, vice president of sales. “With our solid product and marketing plans going into the fourth quarter, in addition to the upcoming launch of the all-new Tucson and Sonata, we are cautiously optimistic during these challenging times.”

Genesis continued its strong growth trend with sales of 1,665. The fuel-efficient Elantra had an increase of 104 percent versus 2008, while the Santa Fe delivered a significant sales gain of 50 percent leading up to the introduction of the even more fuel-efficient face lifted 2010 model.
So, all in all, good sales.

Then we have HyundaiMomentum -

A site dedicated to everyone who says good things about Hyundai to convince people to buy more Hyundais. Looks good.

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One of the first things that comes up on Hyundai Momentum are the words "Enthusiasts sites" but I can't seem to find ElantraXD on there.

Yeah, I don't see any real enthusiast sites like we'd use the word. Of course, we don't have any real content reviewing or describing how good the Genesis or other new Hyundais are.

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