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On Tuesday, my dashboard will come out. Not the little peice around the steering wheel, but the BIG needs to get painted. As a few of you might now (a very few), I am repainting and re-stitching and re-glueing and re-installing everything. This is what my list looks like so far;
Things in bold are done.
1) Repaint doors
2) Repaint vents
3) Repaint smaller dash
4) Repaint bigger dash
5) Get custom chairs
6) Get custom rug
7) New speakers, custom switches, new dash LED color
8) Paint everything else

Well anyway, my dash is the next thing on the list. I have never taken it out before, I don't know of a DIY to take it out (see below) I don't even know how many screws I have to deal with.

Who has done this before? Was it hard to unscrew/pull out? How about re-installation? Any cautions?
I will have a digital camera on hand with me. I am going to ATTEMPT to take as many pictures as I possibly can and then formulate a DIY. Wish me luck on that.
On Wednesday or Thursday I'll post result pictures if anyone wants them

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There are about 13 - 14 Bolts and maybe 5 screws you have to deal with, be careful though as it is akward to carry with the airbag module in.. Also make sure you disconnect the battery when you take it out, you don't want all your hard work ruinend by an airbag going off... HMA has a pretty good writeup of takin it off, but remember its like 2300 bucks for a new one!

shawn :)

oh any more questions pm me I'll be glad to help

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