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I Hate My Roommate

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I live in an apartment with 3 other roommates. I'm cool with all of them except this one complete scum bag. He's fat, dirty, has no respect for other peoples things or space, always has his loser friends over, and invited some girl to live out of the living room for a couple of weeks. I don't mind having a girl over but she's ugly, fat, and underage, its like babysitting whenever i'm home. His loser friends always come over and eat/drink stuff that isn't theirs. I brought some soft drink from my trip back home to miami cause its not sold here (Ironbeer: if you guys have had it you know its good) and i check my fridge today and its gone. I checked online to see how much it would be to get some shipped and its $3.50 per 6pack. After my first workout since coming home from Miami I start looking for my blender to make a protein shake and its missing. It ends up he took it to his friends house to make mixed drinks. I got use my phone and its also no where to be found. It ends up inbetween the cushions in the couch and I know it was in my room because I asked my girlfriend to come over when I was gone and make that my room was ok and she was the last to use my phone and she left it on the charger. I can't wait for my lease to be over in July. Any of you guys had similar experience. (BTW, my other roommates are pretty awesome)
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I lived w/ 3 other guys too, and this one guy sounded exactly like him! Maybe he moved in w/ you, LOL. This guy was such a fat piece of garbage, waste of humanity. Kid either slept or sat on his computer allllllllllll day. He even made a website about the other 3 of us, so we threatened to beat the crap out of him if he didn't get rid of it...LOL. Anyway, at the end of the year we noticed something funny, his chair looked different. So we measured it against our chairs. Come to find out that because his fat ass sat on it so much, the legs were 3 inches more spread out than the rest of ours. I feel for ya bro!
tharptroy said:
change the locks? poison the bacon grease? tell him that you saw a DIY for liposuction on the forum that involved a sawzall, a vacuum, and duct tape? shit in his mouth while he's asleep? any form of demeaning torture will work, and especially if you're all in on it. pepper spray can play a part in there somewhere. damn im a sick SOB. think pepper spray, tube, and anus. when he wakes up screaming, you can just spray it in his eyes and beat him with pillowcases that have bars of soap in them
Note to self: Don't ever room w/ Tharptroy
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