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Important ECU Tuners Available

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This thread is for all ECU tuners available on the market for our cars, whether you are N/A, Turbo, Supercharged, or Juicing.

Apex-i AFC-NEO


The AFC NEO boasts an incredible 16 points of user definable fuel correction. VTEC control has also been incorporated for Honda/Acura applications. A complete monitor mode is also available to keep the driver/tuner informed of critical engine data.

Features include:

- Completely new case design
- Compact design
- Incorporates both AFC and VAFC functions in one unit
- 16 point fuel correction
- Color FED display
- User defined button and background colors
- Inverted "anti-glare" screen

Key functions include:

* Throttle
* Battery voltage
* Correction %
* Air flow %
* Pressure
* Karmann

* Air map
* Air map graph
* Throttle point
* Deceleration air
* VTEC control
* VTEC unmatch

* Model select
* Mode select
* Car select
* Sensor select
* Analog scale
* Warning set
* Display set
* Sensor check

Should anyone want the manual to look over, I've got a copy saved on me 'ol hard drive, I'd be happy to email it to you.



GReddy’s e-Manage is a cost effective programmable engine management system that allows you to properly tune your factory engine control without having to change the entire factory ECU system to an expensive "stand-alone" unit or the inconvenience of sending it out for a full ECU reprogram.

The e-Manage system is a true universal "piggy-back" type unit that taps into most Japanese factory ECU wiring, by utilizing the vehicle’s existing sensors (or optional upgraded sensors if factory sensors are maxed out). The major benefit is the factory ECU settings become your "Base-MAP" for tuning. There is no need for extensive tuning for normal driving conditions, but does allow the tuner to fine tune, adjust for injector changes, and add new MAP(s) for situations the factory ECU is not capable of (like on-boost conditions).

And as technological breakthroughs are achieved, we offer FREE updates via our website’s Tech page. Basic functions will allow the tuner to slightly alter factory injector duty-cycle (± 20% at 5 preset RPM points) by intercepting and altering airflow or MAP sensor signals. An option for Honda VTEC cars will allow you to even adjust the VTEC shift point.

Additional features are built into the system but are only accessible through the use of the e0-1, PRofec e-01 programmer or our PC-Windows based "e-Manage Support Tool" communication software (sold separately). There is a 16x16 airflow adjustment map, a maximum 50% larger main injector correction adjustment, upgrade air flow meter adjustment, boost limiter cut, anti-engine stall, VTEC-fuel adjustment, real-time map trace, real-time display, real-time communication and basic Data-logging. With the use of our "Optional Injector Harness" and the software, the unit has the ability to control an additional 16x16 injector duty cycle map and the controls for adding up to 2 additional sub-injectors. If the "Optional Ignition Harness" and the software are used the unit has the ability to control a 16x16 ignition timing map.

All of the above maps can also be map-traced in real-time as well. If the factory range of map or airflow meter is surpassed, you can incorporate a larger airflow meter or our "Optional GReddy Pressure Sensor and Pressure Harness" to set larger scales of adjustment. All installation and tuning should only be made by a trained technician with proper air/fuel monitoring tools. (Some or all functions may not be compatible with some applications.)

If anyone wants to take a look at the Manual for this one, I've got that one as well.

Perfect Power SMT-6


The SMT6 was designed to allow you to tune ANY engine. Signals are modified on maps found within the units and with windows software. Installation and tuning is simple and once installed the engine can be retuned by anyone with a laptop and the tuning software. An average installation consists of connecting 6 wires to the vehicles original wiring loom, changing the settings of the unit in the setup section of the tuning software and you are ready to retune the car. It has been found that an experienced installer can install an SMT unit within 30 minutes.

Feature :Benefit
Throttle Sensor: learning feature Fits to any throttle position
RPM Calibration: To suite your installation
High RPM range: Racing?
Fuel map with 128 sites: Smooth Programming
Ignition Map with 128 sites: Fine Ignition resolution
Injection Map with 128 sites: For extra (boost!) injection
0 - 10 volt analogue range: Allows tuning of all models
6 Amp injector drive: Handles 6 x 16 ohm injectors
Various ignition outputs: For the most stringent applications
Selectable Trigger points: To suit
Programmable Cylinders: It works on any amount of cylinders!
Selectable polarity: To Suite
Can handle interlaced signal: For 4 cylinders ignition output tuning
Balanced Inputs: Inverted Outputs
Missing Tooth Signal: For up to 2 teeth advance/retard
Ignition output limit: Limits max. advance and retard
Fuel High low limit: Prevents overdriving the ECU
Small Size: Fits Anywhere
Low Battery Drain: Simple Installation
Self Checking Test Available: For Extra Confidence
Map Switchable: While you drive
All Inputs Protected: No mishaps!
Crystal Controlled: For Stability
Encapsulated: For Moisture and Dust
Easy Tuning Software: DOS or WINDOWS
Low Component Count: High MTBF
10 MIPS computing: To facilitate quick engine response
Signal Conditioning: To prevent miss trigger
Engine profiles (library): Easy set up
Lambda Signal Tuning: Modification of Lambda Senor Readings
Proportional Nitrous Control: Less waste of power in nitrous injection
Adjust Dwell Time: For very basic standalone applications
Rpm / Airflow / Analogue Defection / Temp Switch Point: For cam switch and similar applications

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Hi, all that advice about tuning is great. Depends what you want, if you are tuning just for bolt ons then you just need a re-flash. You can get one from I purchased this and i am happy. It will not support heavy extras like cams or boost though. Just sharing my thoughts
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