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"This is a site that while in a public domain such as the internet, is private. The intention is to keep any topic relevant to the ownership, modification, maintenance, admiration, discussion and comradery associated with the Hyundai Elantra, in particular the "XD".

While we are bound to get off topic occasionally (a la the off topic forum), this is not a site to post pornographic, racist, offensive, or otherwise unsavory pictures, topics or discussions (this includes all posts concerning illegal street racing). The Administrator, BlueGT, and the Moderators are responsible for determining what meets the criteria for material not suited for this site. If the topic contains material that falls under the realm of acceptable, but is not something that might seem offensive to some, then a "WW" or other warning is warranted.

All signatures and avatars are to be of a non offensive nature, hopefully representing something of you or your car.

We do strive however to maintain all material appropriate for all members and guests to be viewed at anytime, anywhere.

The activity of "post whoring" is also not acceptable and those topics can be locked and/or deleted by the moderators. This includes single posts with in a topic.

Warnings may or may not precede such actions by administrators. Anyone who violates these "rules" will be subject to warnings if warranted and if it is deemed necessary in extreme cases, banishment of your IP address from posting on these boards.

Any questions, comments, problems, or concerns with or about these rules should be PM'ed to the Global Moderators. Please refrain from starting any new threads regarding these rules. They are not meant to be publicly debated, therefore any such threads will be deleted."

Just wanted to bring this up from old EXD, all the rules still apply here!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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