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In need of some serious help....!!!!!!!!

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I live in Michigan and last night all our streets we're pretty much flooded from rain and melting snow. My car got stuck in about 3 feet of water. My engine was pretty much out of the water but the back end, not so lucky. I had about 8 inches of water in the back driver seat and about 4 in the front driver seat. We finally got it in neutral and got it pushed out of the water. Got most of the water out of the interior but had to leave it at a Honda Dealership over night. Today i went to start it and take it home and PFFFFT nothing....the chimes come on the speedometer etc. lights up and all the inside lights work fine. My head lights will not turn on though? The sidemarkers are fine as well. We tried jumping in numerous spots according to the manual and stuff. We checked the fuses and they are all fine. WHAT HAPPENED???????? I am in serious need of help....if you have any advice pleaseeeeee POST IN THIS THREAD!!!
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Did you check the battery with a volt meter, it could have been drained down.

Interior lights are controlled by the etacs not the ecu, and if the etacs frys the interior lights are on constantly unless switched off.

I suspect the water got to the starter and since it has a straight power to the battery and the car itself is a ground drained the battery. Being that your jumping it that car does not have enough power to keep that car running and crank your car, especially if your using store bought jumper cables.

I would pull the battery have it reconditioned (a 24hr procedure) then charge it and put it back in.

what fox says is a last resort, not only can you get hurt but even if you do it right the current flowing through the temporary connection you make screws up the bolt threads on the starter. (because of the archs when applying the connection and removing the connection)
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