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in the market for new rims already!

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well im sure everyone has seen my 17" gunmetal motegi MR7's
they were purchased used and i only have had them on my car since march
and i think its time for a change!
i picked out some very nice rims from a company that will replace the rim if it bends or cracks!!! :D
im not going to disclose the kind of rim yet but its exactly what i want for my car!

but there is 1 problem!
i hear the biggest offset we can have is 45mm

the rims iam looking at are 17x7.5 with a 48 mm offset!

iam wondering if anyone has ran a 48mm offset!
and i noticed everyone here has 17x7 , will the extra .5 width cause a problem????

all info is greatly appreciated!
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Well I will tell you that some of the members here do have 7.5" wide wheels installed. I'm not sure what the offset is but I'm sure it's a tight fit.
It may work, but it will be tight. Good to get rid of the Motegis, as I hear they are not that great.
Motegi=american racing
I wasnt aware of the Motegi=american racing thing....are the companies related or are you just comparing the class of the wheels?
They're the same company. The name "American Racing" didn't appeal to the import scene, so the created another brand named "Motegi" that would better suit import tuners.
I guess you really do learn something new everyday.
yes Motegi rims arent great. i am going round and round with my wheel dealer. they let me leave the shop with 2 bent rims that wouldnt balance. after 3 weeks of waiting i get 2 new ones. now none of the rims balance well (the sales person finally confesses) and that Motegi QC is really really bad :confused: :( they didnt tell me this when they took my $900.00. and i didnt know american racing owned them until i got the boxes and they came from american racing cali.
American Racing wheels are great,my 01 GLS came with a set of 15 inch A/R wheels and ill tell you they still look brand new when I wash them.
that doesnt mean they are great quality...that just means you kept them nice...I cant say anything bad about AR I havent had any experience with them
I haven't had any experience with them myself, but from what I've heard from people who really know their sh!t about wheels, they kinda suck. I also didn't know they are made by American Racing: I haven't heard much good about them either...
Back to the topic of the post :tongue: someone mentioned somewhere that the only issue with 7.5" rims was if you decide to lower the car more than 2" they will rub the back fender. I can't be anymore specific than that.
well my issue is not with the rim being 7.5" wide
the issue is with the offset being 48mm.....i think the max is 45mm right?
my car is lowered on H&R's 1.6 inches
so that shouldnt be a problem!
if someone can let me know about the offset it would be great!
Havro said:
i think the max is 45mm right?
Not necessarily the max. The bigger the offset, the closer the tire will be to the strut. And you should still have a little room as long as the tires you use on the wheels aren't too big... long story short, 48mm might be just about right for a 7.5" rim. But I'd suggest searching in the archives if nobody chimes in soon telling you exactly what you need to know.
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