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Hey everyone!
Long time no chat! Hope all the OG members are still doing well!

I wanted to introduce a new site for everyone to check out.

What is KDM Think of a Yelp style website where you can place ratings and reviews for vendors, businesses, and parts that are for all KDM vehicles (Hyundai and Kia). You can register (takes less than a minute), and add as many reviews as you want. You can also add your own business or part listing if you would like to rate or review it.

Why was this website created? Over the years, there has been a large abundance of companies come into the KDM scene, and they have either ripped off, sold bad products, or had bad customers service and shipping times. On the other end, there has also been wonderful amazing companies to stand out from the bad ones. This site is dedicated to all of those parts you bought and companies you placed orders with, so that when people have questions....they can easily get all of their answers on one site!

I have put Elantra XD in the Elantra Forum category, and even made it a Featured Listing. If there are any companies or parts that are dedicated to Hyundai or more specifically...Elantra's, that you would like to rate and review....please do so and add as many as you can!

If there are any questions, please let me know! Thanks everyone!
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