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The camshafts are timed correctly. There are supposed to be 5 chain links between the timing marks, so you're good there.

However, timing being 180 degrees out isn't caused by the camshafts, it's from not putting the engine in top dead center first. There are two rotations of the camshaft for every one rotation of the crankshaft. So you could put the crank and cam timing marks in the correct spots and still be out of time, because the crank is one rotation away from where it needs to be.

You need to get the engine into top dead center.
Do this by removing the #1 spark plug and use a long screwdriver to feel the top of the piston. Rotate the crankshaft until the cylinder is to the top of it's stroke.

Engine in TDC: (#1 is furthest from the transmission)

Now the crank should look like this:

Then line up the cam gear with the timing mark.

If the motor is in TDC, the crank and cam gear are both lined up, then go ahead and install the timing belt.
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