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Does any one know why jay has left this forum?
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I'd lurked around the old forums for a long time, and even though I don't own an Elantra I enjoy these forums for both the info and the entertainment value. That said,

1) I'm glad this thread exists because I was wondering what had happened to Jay

2) IMHO the root of the problem is:
It has to do with the fact that Jay was a mod AND he said what he said. If he weren't a mod, Talgat wouldn't have cared
I'd always been a bit puzzled as to WHY Jay was made a moderator in the first place. Sure, Jay was ultra helpful and provided lots of info from a dealer perspective and discounts. But ... this is an independent forum and it never seemed appropriate to me that ANY vendor - regardless of how helpful they are or how long they've been a forum member - should be given any type of moderator status on a board like this one. That's independent of the fact that if mods are supposed to be non-opinionated, Jay was definitely a bad choice to be a mod.

Anyways, I wish Jay well at his new home. I'd guess from his new handle he'll be leaving the Elantra community altogether if Santa drops a Forester XT under his Christmas tree. ;)
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This is OUT OF HAND..He is not coming back ppl so DEAL WITH IT....I cant believe this topic is still being talked about..I agree Jay was very important to XD but he was pushed over the edge and thats that.
Jay you got your own thread.. Nice job...

Seriously tho, Jay left on his own accord and that's the way he chose to leave. I am still friends with Jay and have never steered him wrong. I have always been up front with him. I have not had much to say here as I have a full time job and go to school as well at night.

I have spoke with jay and I understand all the issues and his reasons for leaving. As always it's personal choice. Jay left but still comes in and adds some when he feels like it. I think regardless of what happened Everyone shoudl be respected. Jay, BlueGT & everyone else.

I myself have no interest in any dealing's and tried to remain un-biased with everything that every happened with Jay and KORE and Blue.. I consider all these people my friends still and will do whatever they need me to do.

I'm here and anyone that has a issue with me please PM me and I'll talk with you about it. Please don't ask me about KORE or issues with KORE as I have nothing to do with most of it now. I don't have the time to go there very often right now as my schedule does nto permit it. I am still friends with Dan and if he needs my help he will ask.

All that said there is bigger a problem than just Jay leaving. The problem is the lack or respect for anyone. There is no reason to have a Flame forum all it does is promote upset and and the general feeling of rude people. I don't post alot I just say what i have to say.

I myself have done alot with the cars and have been around car's my entire life. In reality I have KIDS older than half the people on this forum and if I ever caught them here talkign the trashy dis-respectful crap that soem people here talk I woudl knock the shit out of them. I taught them to respect people not bash them. Alot of people here need to learn respect for others. The language is not needed and it is counter productive. as a mtter of fact there is alot of language outside the flame area that is not needed along with bad information and negative comments. IF i want my car bright green with neon orange stripe it's my car and I should be respected for my decisions, not told that i'm some stupid ass for doing my car that color. Hell we don't tell you how to dress... Not everyone follows the trend and that is what make everyone differnt!!

In the end regardless of who they are or anythign else alot more respect for people will get everyone farther in life.

Final Note: In regards to why all the hyundai companies are bad it's not they are bad it's the fact they are small becuase there is no demand for anything from them. alto of the time you can't get 10 people to buy 1 item and in reality yu need to buy 1000 at a time so noone wants to put out the money on a car that does not have a huge following. That said some companies have made mistakes and they have learned from it. Others will emerge and will disapear as well. go read the group buys on other boards you will see the same issues with people setting up group buys that have been going on for over a year and no sign of what to come. In the end it is a Hyundai and ther eis not that big of tuning market in the USA even if it is huge in KOREA it's jus tnot happening here.

Jay I support you with your decision and BlueGt I support your decision. Just remember we are all still here and everyone has a differnt opinion..

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The irony of of all this is that I was about to let Talget know I did not want to be a Moderator anymore since I was tired of having to sugercoat everything. As you can see not being a moderator here was not a concern for me anymore.

The last straw for me was the deletion of the threads and the lack of communication letting me know I was not going to be a Moderator anymore.
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