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Josh K's '02 XD

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Josh K's '02 XD (NEW PICS Updated 3/2/05)

Here are the mods:


KDM Foglights
KDM Sidemarkers
Yellow Turn Signals/Markers
City Lights
Smoked Tail Lights
17" 5Zigen FN01R-C Wheels (35 offset)
215/45 Hankook Ventus Tires
Rolled Rear Fenders
Black Rear Bumper Insert
20% Tint
Elantra XD Rear Emblem
Short Antenna w/ "Holiday Jack" Antenna Ball
"Tricked" Grill


Red LED Interior Illumination
KDM Ticket Holder
KDM 4 Way Flasher
Alpine CDM-98somethingorother (w/ Aux input for iPod) (pics coming soon)
iPod Dashboard Mount
Auxillary "Hot" Power Outlet in Center Console
Tiburon Pedal Set
Street Glow Red Under Dash Neon (pics coming soon)


H&R Springs
KYB Struts
19.2mm Sway Bar
Mussa Strut Bar
Hawk Performance Brake Pads


AEM Cold Air Intake
El Cheapo eBay Ground Wire Kit
Throttle Body Bypass
Bored Throttle Body
Compact Divisions Ported Intake Manifold
Compact Divisions Phenolic Spacer
Hood Spacers


Mercedes Dual Note Horns

Future Mods:

HotShot Header
Lightweight Pulley Set
Cat Back Exhaust (Make/Style still TBD)
OEM Heated Seats

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You're car is beautiful. Of course, I'm bias towards white XD's, ha. Those are my most favorite wheels available as well. Suggestions - either want the headlights white to match, or get the Chrome ones and get a spoiler. Keep up the good work out there in California.

im digging that, but my question is: what are you going to do about the grill? I hate chrome, and I hate mesh, so that vittually leaves me grill-less.
sweet xd btw
Looks damn good, I especially like the blacked out tail lights. :thumbsup:
no no no no

take my new route and use fiberglass, plastic, jb weld, and bondo and make yourself a badass mofo grizille fo shizzile

shawn :)
Tricked is doing the grill for me. The chrome will be painted body color, and the mesh will be black, so it won't look as "mesh-y." (More like ilanpro's black mesh grill)

I also try to get rid of as much chrome as possible
Car looks great!

Where did you get your KYB struts from? How much and whats the drop , in inches


Deja Vu - Keep Up the good work ;)
playboyz28 said:
Car looks great!

Where did you get your KYB struts from? How much and whats the drop , in inches

Drop is about 1.5"

I got the struts from my buddy's shop in Glendale, CA.
Very nice clean car!!
Nice, can't wait to see the grill on it. How do those Mercedes horns sound/fit? Engine bay pics would be nice too. Keep up the good work!
The mercedes horns are loud! They're the same exact horns that are in my benz, but for some reason they sound a lot louder on the hyundai. Fittment is fine, they're both attatched using the stock horn mount bolt and you just need to wire a jumper to power both horns. I'll try and get a sound clip this weekend and post it.

As for engie bay pics - I will take them when I clean out the engine bay. It's so dirty that it would be pretty embarrasing to post pics of it now. lol
The bronze FN01R-C's look amazing!! I'm trying to decide between matte black and bronze wheels, I was leaning towards black, but now I can really see how great bronze looks.
Yeah I like the bronze wheels too. They are really sweet!
Nice choice of wheels. I was planning on getting those, but they didn't have them in our size when I bought my wheels so I bought some that look just like them. Mine are Maxxim Oxygenes. I wish I had the quality of the 5ziggens though. What size tire is that?
Nice car, I am not too keen on the rims. It throws the clean look of the car....did you think of maybe black rims to tie it in with the lights?
The rims are unique, I like black rims (have em now) but I think he should keep em
Keep the bronze wheels, it looks great just the way it is.
Yeah, I like the bronze on white. It goes nicely with the tan interior and since the front headlights look kind of like a Skyline's I was kind of just going with that look. :0)

Thanks for all the kind words everyone!
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