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Pictures are the most up to date that I have.. interior has changed, will list and show pictures in the near future.. engine picture is also slightly different, but mod list is correct.

Weapon-R Dragon Intake
Stage 1 Ram Air
Stage 2 Cold Ram Air (heat shield)
Weapon-R Dragon Breather Filter
YM kit 4-2-1 Header and Downpipe
YM kit Cams 240 Degree
Random Technolgy High Flow Cat.
KORE Cat. Back Exhaust
KORE Blue Sparkplug Wires
Ported and Polished Intake Manifold
Anodized Blue Valve Cover
Intake Manifold Heat Spacer
ZEX Nitrous Wet System 65hp Jetting
Rside BBTB
Jspeed Acc. Pulleys
Many Engine Dress up Items

Skyline R-34 Bodykit
AvanteXD Badge
EVO V Rear Wing
17" AT Italia Body Color Matched Wheels
Custom BLUE/SIVER Paint
Blue Splash Full Body Decal
20% LLumar Window Tint

Full Brushed Aluminum Dash Kit
B&M Short Shifter
KORE Silver/Blue Gauges
Weapon-R Seatbelt Pads
Custom Switches in Center Console
Cobalt Blue Air/fuel gauge
Cozytech Switch Panel Custom Mounted
in Ashtray Hole
Tiburon Pedals and Foot Rest
Custom Fire Extiguisher on side piller
Neon under Dash, Seats, Trunk, Tire well

COZYTECH Hydraulic Coilovers
KING Front Strut Bar
19.2mm Rear Sway bar
205/45/17 Yokohama Parada Spec 2
AT Italia 17" Wheels
Camber Set At -1 FRONT and -1.2 Rear
EBC Greenstuff Brakepads

TWO 8" Nitrous Tank Style Subs
MTX 81000D Amplifier
Garmin Streetpilot COLORMAP
Full Custom Trunk (Black/Blue Tweed)
Nitrous mounted in Spare Tire well
Optima Red Top Battery, 925 Amps
Small Gel Cell, in Trunk[/QUOTE]

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good job rshack. now u just gotta get next june too and you'll three-peat june COTM. anyone else won the same month twice??? i guess that's another record. u r the champion of june.

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I want one :-( That is all I can say, it is a true insppiration to laugh at as*** that say elantras are nothing. Nice job man!
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