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Working with BMW I can get the hook up on K40 Radar detectors. There are a couple different styles, however, the ones that are probably most relevent to us are the portable style. The RD-850 is a no nonsense, straight forward radar detector. In other words, it detects wideband KA, K, X, and all Laser. No transponder crap, no road warnings; Just pure and simple po-po protection. ;) I have one in my car. THEY ARE THE BEST! I definatly believe in these things. My father has a Cobra detector and half the time it sits there silent while mine is going off the wall. I am selling these for 300 a piece, shipped to your door. :) This is the finest unit, outside of a Valentine, that you will find. Passport, Cobra, nothing can thouch them. They come new, in the box with everything you need.

Here is the K40 site

Now, for all you peeps coming to the Baltimore meet! How does 20 beans off sound to you? That's right, I'll personally deliver these babys to you for 280 a piece. We can do a phone order or check.

I work at BMW of Houston North, a major Autonation dealer, so you aren't going to get screwed around. :) You typically won't find these detectors at your local Hyundai dealer. I've only seen them carried by BMW, Mercedes and somtimes a Jaguar dealer. ;) Time to get in with the big boys. Like I said, I swear by my radar detector. In fact, if you look on K40's site, they swear by it too. So much as to give you a written promise that if you get a ticket they will pay it. Go look!

Anyhow, my number at the dealership is 936-271-3050 ask for David. :) If you have ANY questions feel free to call. I am here 10-7 pm central standard time monday through friday. :) Have fun, drive safe, and rock on! ;)

B-More people, act now if you really want them. :)
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