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That's right guys, David talked to me last night and as this is a big seller and the folks at (Tiburon Group LOL) have been wanting it.

So, here we go...


RSide Beta 1 & 2 Airram Intake Manifold

Picture Of Item

Details & Description

Larger ported and polished Airram intake manifold for 2.0 Beta ONE engines.

These are only for Tiburon/Turbulence/Avante Beta I 2.0 engines and Tuscani 2.0/Avante XD 2.0
Beta II engines are compatible but you have to drill a hole and weld your IAC on to it.

Air speed increases due to the larger opening ports.

Every cylinder receives perfect air distribution.

The throttle body opening is 68mm. A BBTB is recommended to get the full power out of this item.

Larger and ported/polished ports will improve approximately 15~20hp for NA tuned cars.
Larger and ported/polished ports will improve approximately 30~40hp for turbo tuned cars.

The gain is most noticeable at 4500RPM and higher range.

***Shipping & Handling Included***

Length of Buy

To get your name on the list costs $50 plus 3% for paypal fees. Final payment is due June 30th or the following Friday for the paycheck people. Yes, the $50 goes towards your final payment. If at the end we don't have 10 and everyone is willing to wait a bit longer, we can extend it.

Cost of Product / Price Breaks

$50 to buy into GB, good towards final price.

1-4 = $599, as on
5-9 = $549
10-Up = $499

So if we get 10 total, your final payment will be $449 ($499 - $50) + 3% for paypal fees.

Payment Info

Payment will be due INCLUDING PAYPAL FEES to [email protected]. Alternate forms of payment can be international money order, Credit Card thru 's World Pay, or contact myself or David to arrange something else, such as a bank transfer.


To get your name here, pay or arrange to pay your $50, forward a copy of your reciept from Paypal or whatever to REDZMANG @ (Take out the spaces). Include your information, First & Last name, Forum Username, Year and Model of car, and Beta 1 or 2.

1. Jeremy "REDZMANG" Zimmerman, 01 Tib - Beta 1




5. ( $549 PRICE BREAK!! )





10. ( $499 PRICE BREAK!! )

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I am going to lock this one for now.

REDZMANG - if KSPEC wants to do a GB, they need to post the info/GB. Please read the rules before starting a GB. Contact BlueGT for approval.


I will unlock it for now - next time try to let us know more about yourself instead of signing up and making your first post a GB with no user info on yourself.

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No Problem, now that I see how to PM and such there will be no future problems as this. I figured with how small the community is and how many folks I talk to from all the forums on a daily basis that EVERYONE knew by now.

Confusion all cleared up and worked out.

My User Info is filled out BTW.


This is the post I was finishing in the other thread when it was closed.


Thank you.

Those are just my personal feeling guys, that's all. I personally haven't found Ford or most of his posts on HA or HP very helpful, at least the ones I've seen.

I've seen Tibs in Korea with these installed and they are insane. As for getting Dyno's, I'm workin on it. If nothing else, I'll post mine when I get the sucka, but, that will be after this GB.

The gent that has it currently installed that I talk to (Littlejohn at has the first one we shipped to the US in his Tib, it'll be pushing 600 HP when he's done, quaife, HD Axels, ect ect...) is named Cybershark, here is the thread where he talks about it if you have any more questions. Yes, it's a Beta 1, but I thought the older Elantra guys with the Beta 1s came here too.

Again, I WOULD have PM'ed someone, but I should have been PM'ed or emailed before it was locked anyways. I've only posted here today and wasn't even aware of how the PM function worked until I accidently clicked on someone's name to email them. All the other forums have a clearly marked "PM" button.

Now that that is over with, back to the topic on hand.

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