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Lambda and Closed Loop Videos

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Being a State worker I had today off, so decided to make a few videos. They show how my Closed Loop cycle stays closed loop and how my A/f can drop down to 11.3:1 when going WOT.

Car ran very rich at top end ... which will be tuned out soon ... anyone do any N/A tuning to lean out A/F and add some timing?

40 mph - 80 mph / 3rd gear WOT
YouTube Link

Notice how rich it gets in 2nd? ~11.3:1 A/F !
YouTube Link

Closed Loop
YouTube Link

Lambda - A/F
YouTube Link
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We don't have a Media tag function do we? I think you need to insert the Direct link in between the Tags? or something.
You need to just post the address bar link as a and let people click on it. No embedding here.
Crap ... sorry guys ... all fixed.
Cool. What setup are you using?

What mods? CAI, BBTB, P&P Manifold and 2.5" Exhaust ... using one of Jays scanners and a Dell computer.
I wonder if that spot is caused by the modifications? I know my car seems to be running way richer than usual with all my mods (hence why I am getting rid of them!).

Did you ever record your car with the turbo in it? What were the readings like??

So ... 40 - 80 mph in 11.8 seconds ... any one else try this?? What are the results ... what would a turbo car do?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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