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Don't know where to put this, so here it is.

I'm putting a gas-stut lift on my trunk to replace those crap torsion bars. I bought a strut last night at autozone for $32. It has the ends that snap on over the little ball connectors - I need those. Does anyone know where I can find those? Will PepBoys have them? I didn't think about it while I was at autozone - they're worthless anyway (always need a computer to tell them what part number, don't actually know $hit about cars). Any ideas where to get one. It looks like a bolt with a ball on the end instead of a bolt-head. Thanks.

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you spent 32 bucks on that???

pepboys has the 15inchers WITH the balljoints for 12.99, but you are going to have to fabricate some brackets for it.. I am doing a semisecret project of the same caliber right now, pm me and I'll fill you in with what you have to do

shawn :)
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