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Looking for good mechanics learning books/dvd's etc.

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This is the Hyundai shop manual for my car, 2003 Elantra. This site wants $95.00 plus the electrical troubleshooting manual for $55.00 + s/h. If anybody has one used, or knows where to get one cheaper that would be great.

I do have the Haynes Hyundai Elantra 1996-2006 repair manual, though not impressed, the pics are small, black and white, and zoomed in way to close to tell where they are talking about.

Also if there are any really good textbooks, or what not/ DVD's, etc on general auto mechanics. EG. Like a video/book on everything under a car, suspension axles, CV Boots, Ball joints, oil pans, breaks, rotors, electrical, exhaust, tires, whatever you would need to jack up the car for. Obviously all that would be a series, set of books.

A good ICE engine, transmission book, books, DVD's on the heating/ A/C HVAC system, anything that I learn on, no matter the subject. These are just some examples.

Everybody here has been really helpful, thank you for your help.
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Jeebus,..... doesn't anyone search anymore? sign up, get free Hyundai technical information and access to bulletins, recalls and all. For FREE.
...not really what I was going for.
sounds like you need to enroll into a technical school. I'm guessing that is out of the question.
Dude, I just checked the Crandall Public Library and it looks like they have some basic auto repair books. Get yourself a library card and ask the librarians for some help finding the books, they'll be more than happy too, trust me, and then start reading some of those.

If you want a deal on the Hyundai OEM service manual try ebay.

If you want a deal on the Hyundai OEM service manual try ebay.
Or click the link I posted and get it for FREE. Why does no one understand that "f" word ?
Apparently he doesn't want a digital version, but rather a physical version. It's possible he doesn't have internet at home.

Do what I did when I was internetless at home: Print it out at work, take it home.
Another thing that amazes me is how little people still use Search here... If he searched for Elantra manual he'd find a link to one...
Oh Bob stop being a bitter old man. Do you yell at the kids to get off your lawn too? Wbaldwin80 the link provided by Bob is awesome but sounds like an actual class would be more geared to your needs.
Im going to enroll in the local Community colleges auto program next year actually. Just need like 2500 dollars for all the books, uniforms, and tools.. ouch.
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