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Loose accelerator cable?

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Yesterday I swapped my 2004 gas pedal out for a '01-'03, so I could complete the Tib Aluminum pedal set.

I noticed that the pedal travel is much shorter than before and there is in fact a fair bit of play before the pedal does anything. Is there way to tighten the accelerator cable?
Also, when floored the gas pedal doesn't rotate the throttle pulley right to the limit of its travel. Is it supposed to? And would that be solved by tightening the cable as well?
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is there any design/structural differences between the 01-03 and 04 gas pedal? The mounting hole perhaps?

I failed to check them side by side when swapping the two, so I'm not sure of any main structural differences. I did investigate more last night and the 2001-2003 pedal hits the floor sooner, in fact, I removed the factory floor mat and it seems better. The pedal now contacts the stop plate. I don't want to loose full throttle! Not with my new CAI, the sound is addicting.

Anyway, I'd still like to know if the tension of the cable is adjustable, anyone??

EDIT: First chance I get, I'm going to attempt to remove just the pedal itself from the 2003 pedal assembly and fit onto the 2004 assembly, otherwise, the 2004 is going back on.
I put the 04 back on till I can try to figure out a better way...I am thinking about "taking up a little slack" in the throttle wire..maybe get rid of the "dead spot" and the trouble with WOT!

Have to use something to tighten it (like you were thinking) cause the factory does not seem to have provided for adjustment
This weekend I'm going to attempt to swap the pedal itself off the 2003 assembly and onto the 2004 assembly... I haven't really looked at them at all yet in regards to the feasibility of this plan, but I'm confident in my abilities to fu... I mean fix it up.

EDIT: Alright, I didn't actually install the 2003 accelerator assembly, my friend did that while I was installing the CAI. So on Saturday when I took it out to see what could be done, it finally came to my attention that the 2003 assembly is one solid piece! I don't want the slack that's present at the top or the pedal hitting the floor before full throttle, so I put the 2004 pedal back in and I'm planning on cutting the rubber sleeve away from the Tib Aluminum pedal cover and using adhesive to hold onto the pedal.

So, the moral of the story is, the 2004 Elantra has an entirely different pedal assembly than the 2003 and I wouldn't suggest swapping them.
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