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lots of clutch slip AFTER slave cylinder

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so, like it says, i removed the spring/restrictor from the slave cylinder (i had some clutch slippage prior). the mod def'ly made the pedal feel better & for the 1st day seemed to have lots more grab. but, after that (it's been a few days now) i have to nurse it, to not have any slip. i was very careful with the bleeding process & it all seemed to go fine. i'm thinking it's an hydraulics issue & i'm planning to take the slave, master, reservoir & lines off of the car for a good cleaning (& of course, all new fluid).

my question is, is it possible that the spring/restrictor was sort of covering up the bad slip problem & that removing them has just uncovered how worn the clutch is?

the car has 71,000 miles & i've only had it for a few weeks. btw, i did the air resonator removal at the same time.
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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