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1970 BMW 2800cs with lsx turbo 6-speed swap.
1964 Ford Falcon Coupe with lsx turbo 6-speed swap.
1956 Buick Special on a tube chassis, full time awd, lsx turbo 6-speed swap.
1967 VW Beetle with STI swap.
2000 Elantra Wagon with 3800 sc series 3 swap.
1999 Hyundai F2 Kit Car (rally car)
1996 Hyundai Accent with Beta 1 swap, NA build, ITB's.
A 2000 Elantra Wagon? That's the most interesting pick I have seen yet.

1. FD rx7 (RZ or R1/2 will do)
2. FC rx7 (TII)
3. Evo VIII RS
4. S15 autech(spec S with spec R suspension and drivetrain)
5. TommyKaira 25R(R34 GTT with upgraded suspension, intake, exhaust, wheels, and aero from TommyKaira. It came out just after the R34 GTT but before the GTR was introduced)
6. Honda Beat
I'd never heard of your number 5 pick until I just looked it up. I can definitely see some of the future GTR in it. That is a nice car. Good pick.

I actually had a '96 Impala SS in Dark Green/ of my favorite cars. The last year they made it (in that body style) and the first year they moved the shifter from the tree to the center console....
I like the center console shifter better than the tree. What happened to it?

If you want a nice one with low miles, and I mean only 60 original miles, not 60k but 60, check this out. I have been eyeing this car for months. I want it so bad.

The problem for me is that if I bought it I wouldn't drive it. I would wax it and just look at it. I wouldn't want to add anymore miles. This is just to perfect of an Impala.

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We had a son that was almost 1 and my wife at the time was pregnant with my second son. So I traded it in on a '97 Suburban. I didn't really drive it. When I traded it in a year after I bought it, it only had 2400 miles on it. The dealer had a buyer for it before I signed the papers on the 'Burb. They gave me what I paid for it.
That's a pretty sweet deal, except for the part where you traded in the Impala. But, life happened so you had to. That's understandable. Probably wish you still had it though right? Well you can get that one in the link which is practically brand new for $32,000. By the way, how is your XD doing? Is it a daily driver? When was the last time you modded it and, how many miles does it have now? I think last time you said it was around 23k or something.
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