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Mid Ohio raceway AMA races and trackday july 26/27/28/29 2008

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ok guys, we are planning a trip down to the AMA races at Mid Ohio the end of july. the AMA races are that sat and sunday, then on tuesday is when we are going to do the trackday. this is for motorcycles ONLY!, no cages (vehicles) sorry.

wondering if any of you are interested in rubbing elbows with some fast pro racers on sat/sun and looking at some hot azz umbrella girls, then watching us run our trackday event on tuesday.

this will be the first time im running at the Mid O track. i cant wait.

plus you get to meet the infamous 2loud and see my xd pull my trailer and trunk/back seat stuffed to the rim with race goodies. toolbox, generator, spares, ramps, ect. lol

heres a little taste of what you will be seeing at the track.
this is me at grattan last weekend on my new track/race bike.
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guys, never mind on the ama races. i had the dates wrrong. the ama races are aug 1,2,3.
ill be there reguardless. juts didnt want to drive down there on monday for the trackday on tues, then drive home. then drive back down there fri after work. lol might just end up riding down there for the races.
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