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Hey folks, my 2003 Elantra XD just hit 164,000 miles and I have a host of problems. I've noticed my rear right break light keeps going out. I usually have to replace it once a month now. The turn signal works along with the running light, but the break light is always going out. I've looked at the socket and it looks burnt up and the worn out bulbs have one connector burnt out when I change them.

Do you guys know the model number for the pigtail connector that goes to the harness? I'm tired of changing these so often, I don't want to get pulled over for a fix it ticket. In my search for answers I looked at my fuse relay box under the hood and I discovered that I'm missing 4 of the fuses that are in the factory diagram:
15A DRL fuse
20A H/LP Washer fuse
15A F/FOG fuse
F/FOG relay

My other question is could these missing parts be causing a short in my system and should I replace these? I didn't know if they came in there stock, I assume so but I don't want to cause more problems.


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DRL = Daytime running lights. I don't think any XD1 had them, I think they were working on them, but came around for the XD2s.
F/Fog = Front Fog, optional and most didn't come with fogs. Relay is associated with the fuse. So no need to have one without the other.
H/LP Washer was never used on any Elantra. I suspect that may have been like a mercedes feature. Remember the headlights that had wipers?

Best place to get the pigtail is a junkyard. A junkyard that will let you walk the yard and snatch the part yourself will probably let you have it for less than $5.
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