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I have 2002 Elantra GT bought in Aug.2008
Lots of problems but never surrender,,,
This time i found water comes in to driver side floor whenever rains.
I thought it comes through door weatherstrip but it was not.

To trace leak, I poured a cup of water thru sunroof drain hole and i couldn't see any water comes to drive way but i found water drip through A pillar.

I removed a pillar inside trim and guess what i found.

A tube was missing connecting sunroof and drain pipe.
From a sunroof diagram, 13 - hose - is missing.
Checked both diameter and bought 1/2"(out) and 3/8"(in) and clamp.

Managed to connect drain hose and tested with a bottle of water, water comes from a drain hole close to rear wheel - not front wheel.

Just want to share this, since i didn't see a solution.


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