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I have had all kinds of rattling noise under the hood for quite a while. I fixed most of them, but one particular noise was misterious and I could not stop it until yesterday. I gave it up because mechanics blamed it for the old engine.

I observed under the hood while the engine was running. I noticed the air duct going to the throttle was vibrating. When I approached and listened carefully, the rattling noise was apparent. I disconnected the air duct from the throttle and inspected it. Alas! The bottom portion of it was crimpled and it didn't fit to the throttle properly. The rattling noise was coming from the vacuum leak from the connection. I tried to straighten it and put it back on to the throttle without success. It is apparent that the mechanic who cleaned it a few years ago did it wrong. Because it was stayed like this for so long time, the plastic duct was deformed and it could not be fixed. And because it crimpled at the bottom, there was no way to see it until I disconnected it.

I thought about MacGuyver method. O.K. Let's do this. Maybe it needs ironing. I torched the tip of a large flat-head screw driver for about a minute and ironed the crimpled portion of the duct. I reheated the screw driver again and again and ironed several times more. Now it looked pretty good except one spot which became too thin due to applying excessive heat. I had some left-over silicone gasket maker when I changed the valve cover gasket. I patched silicone on that thin spot. After it was cured, the duct looked perfect! The duct is black and the silicone is black, so the patch was unnoticeable.

I reconnected it to the throttle and turn on the engine. Voila! No more rattling!
The misterious rattling noise was gone for good.
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